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Search Fiction 08.12.2016 The fate of a rather whimsical element she does not like those who calmly tries to pull her life and loves the lucky ones to throw different surprises. Not had time to celebrate a farewell to the old work Kondraty wakes up in a city full of creatures and trying to survive in this hell. And no one knows what the test will throw the fate of the villain. Interesting idea in the zombie genre Read more This message has no labels Leave a comment Fiction 06.06.2016 Dream about space travel Welcome to the stars But first work out the loan for the journey. Only 101 years of impact work for the benefit of the Company and you are free. Quite an interesting piece even has its own peculiarity. Partially worlds like EVE but neuroimplants no. Go to the page works. Tags popdance 8 comments Fiction 01.02.2016 A story about a guy caught in his youth in experiences and gained paranormal abilities. Also will be a lot of adventure up to the fact that he'll be in space with neural networks and all the consequences out of here. It's a little rough MS is present but not annoying. At first GG befall and learning later revenge but without fanaticism and details. Generally readable Read more This message has no labels Leave a comment Fiction 31.12.2015 Happy New year to all and good luck in creativity. In this regard, decided to put some of my ideas for new works were long overdue not only as not who not implemented. Although many have already started similar but for some reason always turned right into the path of a combat hamster mutant nagibatorov. The question is why write about equipment when a couple of heads Read more This message has no labels 4 comments Fiction 18.12.2015 Good entertaining reading for neuro sets and EVE. At first all is standard, and even MS is not yet in sight everything is normal but then the plot structure starts to spin, appear not logical moments. Many foreign stamps but they are all in the theme and not strain. The middle works of GG are starting to fill up with buns and rapidly develop but so far Read more Tags popdance 4 comments Fiction 28.07.2015 Reach a post-apocalyptic zombie horror trash and humor. After a short battle with Z-Objects and escape through the window of the 15th floor Stas wakes up and realizes that he is a zombie Who can't talk and barely able to move. Yes, and this stupid interface looms before my eyes claiming that his body needs to feed and study them

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