Back pain as a symptom of various diseases

11 january 2017, 00:55

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Sudden or gradually increasing pain in the lower back. Can start in the back and then spread to the buttocks and legs. Movements coughing sneezing increase the pain. Peace brings relief. Sharp pain and sensitivity muscle spasm with lateral movements. Bending of the spine increasing the pain at rest reduces. Sometimes it is a life-threatening disease causes back pain. Other symptoms nausea fever loss of appetite and vomiting. Contact your doctor immediately when severe sharp pain in the back is not sagging at rest. Do not let the person with acute pain in the back food drink and medicines. Low back pain severe cramping in the lower abdomen and sometimes constipation. Back pain increases immediately before or during menstruation. Cancer spread from any organ to the spine can cause pain in the lower back. It usually occurs suddenly, is accompanied by painful muscle spasms and does not pass at rest. Myeloma - a tumor arising in the bone - can also be the cause of back pain. Usually the pain starts sharply and increases with load. The patient also may experience fever, pain and swelling in the joints weight loss. Although this life-threatening condition usually causes pain in the upper abdomen some people feel pain in the back and side. Other symptoms nausea vomiting fever paleness of the skin rapid pulse. Sharp pain in mid abdomen that can radiate to the back. Other surface symptoms dizziness fever rapid pulse dizziness. Increasing pain in my side and lower abdomen and back pain the sensitivity in the touch high fever chills nausea vomiting frequent urination. It is usually felt a pain in his side and in the pubic area. The pain can be unbearable if the stone down one of the ducts from the kidney to the bladder. If the stones are in the kidney pain is constant and dull. This dangerous condition usually first occurs lower back pain and dull pain in the abdomen. Often constant pain in the upper abdomen. John. Zaccardi Back pain as a symptom of various diseases - an article Neurology emergencies Read also this topic The Department of neurology.

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