Capitalising on as many as 15 years of significant experience in the field of Sports Betting, Neuros

11 january 2017, 00:55

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Capitalising on as many as 15 years of significant experience in the field of Sports Betting Neurosoft has created a robust product portfolio in order to build and support a modern and challenging Sports Betting operation. In an ever-changing financial landscape where the need for liquidity is overwhelming our 15-year experience in the field is transformed into valuable solutions that meet your day-to-day financing demands. Our vast experience in designing implementing and supporting mission-critical networks amp systems Neurosoft makes the ideal partner for ICT consulting outsourcing implementation and support purposes. In a world of viruses and malwares hacktivists Neurosoft has compiled a suite of practical and technologically advanced tools and methods to significantly enhance the protection of your mission-critical data. EVENTS In September 2016 Neurosofts Application Development Team enhanced their knowledge on one of the industrys best application servers through the course Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administration I. CASE STUDIES Neurosoft together with our partner Positive Technologies can offer a new approach to critical systems security. The approach includes all layers of defense in depth such as Perimeter Infrastructure Policies-Procedures-People and Cyber Security layers. INTERNATIONAL Neurosoft S. A. announced its collaboration with Stopanska Banka AD member of NBG Group in 2015 providing its second generation end-to-end factoring software solution Proxima+ to best serve the banks needs within the central installation of the Group. NEWS We are delighted to have finally launched our brand new website after several months of brainstorming and careful design in order to make it a better experience for you. Get to know us better through our redesigned, easy to navigate and more user-friendly

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