Clinic of restorative neurology

11 january 2017, 00:55

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CLINIC OF RESTORATIVE NEUROLOGY VIDEO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO CALL +7499 341-41-14+7499 720-49-40 +7495 232-00-10+7499 720-46-50 CONTACTS Clinic of neurology - advanced medical facility providing a full range of preventive diagnostic and treatment innovation research and education services, Moscow. The neuroscience center provides medical services from the simplest types of consultation of the neurologist to unique individually selected methods of treatment of diseases of the nervous system. We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system neurophysiology neuroscience. In our clinic, we use in practice and not in words the most advanced and innovative medical technology neurology neurophysiology neurorehabilitation. It is provided both by our own research and medical developments for more than 25 years of research works as well as modern world knowledge of the brain. Thanks to all this, the results we obtain are quite often much higher than expected expectations of the patient. So we have patients from many countries of the world. Clinic of restorative neurology created with the participation of professors and staff of the Department of neurology and clinical neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of medico-social rehabilitation of the Central military aviation hospital, Russian state medical University Russian peoples friendship University. The clinic actively collaborates with leading neurology neuro rehabilitation centres France, Germany, Israel, USA and Canada. Often experts from foreign countries, we are conducting joint consultations and give lectures on contemporary problems of neurology neurorehabilitation. Heads the neuroscience center Professor and neurologist, neuroscientist, doctor of medical Sciences R. F. Gimranov. In the clinic of restorative neurology using modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment created by leading foreign and domestic manufacturers for neurology neurorehabilitation. A number of techniques for the activation of brain stimulation are unparalleled. They were developed in conjunction with leading domestic and foreign scientists in research institutions. Our neuroscience center is constantly developing structure for the neurorehabilitation treatment of patients with diseases of the nervous system in children and adults. Many of our patients have returned after prompt treatment in a neurological centre to a normal lifestyle at home happy at work. NEWS Abstract art is good for the brain. In all developed countries, increasing the number of children with MMD. Neuropathy nerve malomernogo often in children and adults. READ ALL

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