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Nikolay Dubina TraceIT RasterVect Vector Eye Vextractor Acme TraceART Potrace Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit Photo Vector Raster to Vector WinTopo Raster to Vector Converter Neuro Tracer program of new generation Often designers are faced with the necessity of processing complex line art for use in layouts, full color brochures and posters in the website of the company in the annual report on Souvenirs in catalogs, etc. and in many cases, it is assumed a significant scale illustrations and printing using different technologies in color or black and white option. The scan usually cannot provide the possibility of transformation without loss of quality and the necessary universality of the bitmap so the only way is getting an identical vector image. To create a vector version from scratch is not optimal and is not the fastest option is much easier to use tracing with the vectorization of raster scanned original. Today the market presented quite a lot of programs as a standalone application and included in the graphics packages for tracing bitmaps. Note that the present review does not pretend to completeness, and inclusiveness. For example we will not touch such as CorelTrace and Live Trace packets included in the Corel Graphics Suite and Adobe Illustrator, respectively. Most designers are familiar with their pros and cons. The pros mostly lie in the fact that these tracers are included in the above-mentioned programs and in addition no purchase necessary but the downside is that with default settings it is almost impossible to achieve a satisfactory result and to improve on those settings, sometimes can't even a very experienced user. Fortunately today the market offers a large selection of chartplotters from other manufacturers. That's what we'll explore next. Manufacturer Of Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. Link httpwww.pangolin.comLAStudioTraceIT.htm TraceIT is quite interesting, the program uses original algorithms to trace Fig. 1. Loaded it into the image is first processed with filters debris noise color noise after which it is traced. An interesting feature in addition to processing images in common formats BMP GIF JPG PSD TIF, etc. have the ability to upload video files in formats AVI MOV or MPEG and processes only selected frames of any range, or the entire video as a whole. You can save the results in a dozen formats including BMP, JPG and EMF. Fig . 1. TraceIT Manufacturer RasterVect Software Link httpwww.rastervect.comproducts.htm RasterVect Fig. 2 a simple program with a minimal number of settings which is aimed at users of AutoCAD package. Settings it brings

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