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Neuro-linguistic programming NLP is characterized as a hidden control was developed in the early 70-ies of XX century by the Americans D. Grinder and R. Bandler, who have discovered the strong relationship between gestures facial expressions of man and the structure of his speech. This relationship scientists-called code of effective communication using the can implicit way to control human behavior. NLP is technology that can be applied either towards themselves and towards others is very helpful for anyone whose weapon is the Word. In addition the technology of NLP applied to himself it is an opportunity to forge himself anew, set goals, and finding adequate means. NLP is the result of the merging of psychology, linguistics, mathematics.Sentencesa model of communication from the word. to be in harmony with themselves and others developed in the framework of NLP. Sentencesa the model considers the process of communication as the result of a complex interaction of the processes of perception and thinking. The process of communication starts with the human perception of the surrounding world through the five doors of the senses. Consciousness opens these doors in turn for some people through the pictures for other sounds for third touch, etc. Sentencesa model of communication shows that each person has their own door of perception the representational system that he trusts more than others. In NLP representational system is the ways by which man receives stores and encodes information in his brain.There are 4 representative system of the person visual auditory kinesthetic computer. People visualize think mainly with images and can easily create clear mental images people-audiality perceive the world of sounds they can interpret themselves with battle while people-kinesthetic base their actions mostly on their feelings towards the situation. immediately turn the logic of thinking.We constantly use all our channels of perception although we draw attention to one channel more than the other depending on what we do. A person is able to use all the systems but by the age of 11-12 years, already has a clear preference. When a person has a tendency to use a tra-dizione one internal perception channel the channel is called the primary representational system. Representative system are not mutually exclusive i.e. none of the systems is not completely selective vegetative it all depends on what you want to do. The ability to unite all geniuses is that they move freely from one represen Advisory system to another and use the most appropriate of them for re-simple

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