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11 january 2017, 00:55

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Neuromarketing someone is perceived skeptically someone who admires his magic someone accuses him of unethical, even quackery. But almost no one denies its existence, at least in theory. Consider neuromarketing and a number of related aspects. Such a well-known marketing figure as Philip Kotler has expressed the view that good old fashioned marketing, goes into oblivion. One of his interviews gave clues about the directions of development of marketing. First, marketing will work in real-time. Many companies already have rooms where there are the so-called war games. For example one airline company got a room with wall-mounted screens that show prices assigned by competitors flight schedule of different airlines weather in different parts of the world. This information facilitates immediate decision-making. The only problem is the excessiveness of this information, which complicates the response. Secondly the orientation of the marketing is financial. This means that marketers will be in all cases to calculate the financial return from marketing activities. In marketing will be to get only those solutions that bring greater returns and does not lead to this kind of events will be otmechaetsya. Thirdly, you'll have the most adaptability of marketing. It will be a transformation in the science of demand management through technology facilitating instant decision-making relating to consumer demand and facilitating growth. This technology is neuromarketing which is worth to talk about it since the issues related to the clarification of its essence. Neuromarketing is a marketing that uses different influencing the human brain is the stimulus to trigger the desired action. In this case since we are talking about marketing only with the prefix neuro refers to the brain of consumers and market partners as well as employers and candidates for office. Such incentives can be incentives acting through sight smell touch taste buds memory the social skills of people, their values, etc. It may be word of the sentence, the smells, the music substances can affect the brain in the right direction of the type of hormones touching parts of the body human eye images photos, etc. This can be a trusting glance or voice and much more that is able to connect to the human brain on a subconscious level and call something which can lead to expect influencing people's actions. This is something that is often

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