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11 january 2017, 00:55

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my eurografica Eurografica - a new word. In General new. Pavel Piskarev so called its author's method which is suitable for transformation processes in coaching and somatokine. On Wednesday, Paul introduced a coaching environment PARK with my technique and today is training. 1. The image integrates the senses 2. Meanings concentrated condition 3. The problem is a product of the mind 4. The decision has the quality of bionics 5. Harmony leads to satisfaction 6. The universe fits on the tip of the pencil 7. Any task has a graphical solution 8. The plane of the drawing has no boundaries 9. The world consists of shapes and lines 10. To draw just The circle is integrity. Surround i.e. the circle of the circular lines is to give integrity to the group of graphical objects. A perfect circle is quite difficult to draw the circular lines, the circle is formed to a satisfactory condition. The bigger the object the bigger and fatter it is surrounded by circular lines. Straight lines in nature does not happen - says Pavel Piskarev. Even the horizon line and then curved. The second important graphic element of the method. They connect important figures and form relationships between them. Zigzag adds volume and increases the line weight of a line or shape in the image field. And also gives the expression of the figure is less than overloading the visual perception than the multiple trace objects or shapes. The transformation process involves a systematic unification and integration of what can and should be United for the integrity and viability. The system integration part of the process of transformation. Shapes and lines are lucid and the background - unconscious - says Pavel Piskarev. In the childhood when I studied painting teachers told me that the figure should not be white spots. Over the background necessary to work is not an empty place. Apparently this is somehow linked. In addition to transformation which does not have to be painful or the hysterical eurografica helps to understand the important moments in life and relieve stress. By the way the quality of the picture Pavel Piskarev determines at the time of working on it and the number of lines. In addition to the practical application of the art method, Eurografica for transformational coaching and smokotina neurography can be used to plan time-management visualization revival of diagrams and graphs, and combat neurosis. Why do you think conferences meetings seminars lectures and wherever a person's attention is not fully focused on what is happening all drawing something in the margins of handouts or notes on the documents So people splash out their neurosis on paper. And eurografica helps you transform into something useful, creative and beautiful. My eurografica More

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