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Sort by Date | Readability | Komentiruete Fanfic → Detective from hell The name of a Series of drablow the Pros and cons of family life Author Orange biscuit Beta does not Fanfic → Detective from hell Title In search of the one mystery Author Natsymi Beta present. The characters and relationships Narok Fanfic → Detective from hell The name And the snow was falling Author Natsymi Beta Celestra The characters and relationships Narejo Rate Fanfic → Detective from hell Name an Ordinary life The author of if. in the past Lush Mandarin Pairing Narejo Genre Fanfic → Detective from hell PART 2 The next day was a holiday so Katsuragi not really thought about how Fanfic → Detective from hell PART 1 Was a clear Sunny day. School has ended and the time when you need to go in and Fanfic → Detective from hell Tears appeared in his eyes when Yako started to show the credits after the scene with the kissing couple grey This section for your literary works of fiction and poetry. To write fanfic is a snap - quite a bit to fantasize about your favorite character actor or musician to come up with some kind of fictional situation or series of situations and then to take and write my first second fanfic fifties I believe that you have something to say to the fans about Detective from hell Speech from the podium is a great way to fill a fan club useful information tell other fans about the news of the club and the theme of the Detective from the hell to write a review or read the opinions of people in the reviews section to write and put on public display your fanfic or series of fanfics to share their knowledge on the subject of the club or just to talk. At the Podium the club has a lot of topics - choose any fanfic Neuro and Yako Neuro The last answer Angel23 the topic Which series you like best The last answer Angel23 in the subject Which character You like the... Last reply Alice Elric. in the subject a

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