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Home Psychosomaticist and hypnotherapy Art therapy Metaphorical cards Phototherapy in psychology A man and a woman Articles on psychology The cost plugintest Trainings and seminars Psychologist in family matters specialist in Ericksonian hypnosis and Ericksonian therapy NLP-coach NLP-master art therapist - Loginova Olga Iosifovna phone 8916 555-98-10 E-mail psycholog50mail.EN Moscow Psychological counseling Articles on psihosociologia O. I. Neuro-linguistic programming NLP The founders neuro-linguistic programming are Richard Bandler and John Grinder sponsors To the techniques of NLP include Robert Dilts Leslie Cameron of Frank Pucelik and others. NLP well proven when working with the following problems with different phobias fears - during psychological trauma grief divorce cheating - when guilt resentment - in a conflict situations - in the psychosomatic syndromes - when working with the goal etc. NLP is used in various areas - business consulting - psychotherapy - medicine - pedagogy - sports and other spheres of life. NLP focuses on study skills and creating success disclosure internal human resources. By using techniques of neuro-linguistic programming identifies the true values and needs of the person considering a conflict situation man which happened in his life recently or many years ago ago. It is known that many of today's human problems take their toll beginning from his early childhood. However, a number of problems can be solved not affecting past negative experience and teaching the person a new behavior. If the same actions do not bring the positive result that is the meaning of change, what prevents to reach the goal. Basic presuppositions of NLP In various sources in NLP, the number of basic assumptions ranges from 9 to 22. Here are some of them - No one owns the absolute truth. - The map is not the territory. Each personality has its own map of the world. The model - based world of man are his belief system and values. If I one person is able to do anything effectively then this can to learn how, and others. - Does not happen defeat is only feedback. There are no failures there are only the experience. - Each has everything you need for implementing change and achieving success. - The meaning communication is the response it caused. - Any

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