Medico-psychological center "Neuro" Volgograd

11 january 2017, 00:54

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cash Medico-psychological center Neuro the city of Volgograd is a medical establishment for the protection of the neuro-psychological health of adults and children and provides comprehensive care for diseases of the brain and disorders of development and functioning of personality. In the medical-psychological centre for Neuro all medical services are licensed. The team consists of highly qualified doctors and provides services for children and adults. Pre-registration can be done on the official website of the medical center Neuro fill in. In the medical-psychological centre for Neuro are receiving specialists psychotherapist psychiatrist child and family psychologiczny teacher who provide psychological and neurological care for adults and children a deviation in the development of postpartum injury the transfer of stress-mood disorders and depression epilepsy tics vascular disease impaired attention at any age enuresis and encopresis. In addition to the medical clinic there is a diagnostic study to study the condition of the nervous system mental functions electroencephalography echoencephaloscopy neurosonography rheoencephalography and cardiointervalography. As well as specially designed programs help Businesses and health assistance in stroke and other cardiovascular diseases at home. Access to medical and psychological Neuro centre by bus number 18. Get off at the stop street Atlasova. By trolleybus №8 high-speed tram route taxi №30A 30 77 123 160 - stop Vodoochistki. 1. Qualified professionals however was only Doneckogo and Ryabinin concerned not to sell a lot of additional services but to cure the patient of what they do. 2. A convenient appointment time 3. No queues 4. Low prices for diagnosis is not sure that it is carried out somewhere else, and it is performed physicians. 5. Prescribe special medications but I was not appointed because the usual painkillers helped. 6. Useful articles on the website. 1. No timetable on the website though to put the Google calendar is possible and accordingly there is no possibility to register online 2. There is no admission for the MLA and I would like 3. I remember the announcement in the winter, Close the door please - we are cold. Is it not possible to put the latch At the same time another door was opening very tight. There helped me though many other professionals were treating the wrong thing or not that this necessarily with MRI. Now to neurologists only go to Neuro. As I understand it is the only specialized nervo-psychological clinic in the city. Yesterday got an appointment to the doctor because missed while looking for the clinic lost even though the map was clear.

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