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Nero is software for burning discs. It is used to record the music movies games and other information. Blank discs which are recorded are referred to as blanks. On our website you can download Nero for free in 5 minutes start to work with the program. The standard version is Nero shareware. Version Nero Kwik Media is completely free. Additionally, we have posted the download link alternative free option. To download both versions click the link to download. What can the program In addition, all operations Nero makes it in super quality and as simple as possible for the user. No more intricate action and complicated settings. Everything is simple and effective Nero is quite a big program and takes on the hard drive is almost 200 MB. Accordingly, it will be downloaded for a few minutes. The installation also last a long time so be patient. During the installation POPs up a million Windows and be prepared for it. Nothing complicated just agree with everything and put in the right places show. In the next step you can put a check mark to all files in the first place were opened with the help of Nero. I will honestly tell you that to understand it extremely difficult. The program itself is very heavy during the work brakes. To burn a disc it is not clear where to press and what to do. Therefore, this option is more suitable to the true fans of Nero. I'd downloaded the free version from another developer. The link posted above. In this case, you definitely will not have problems during the disk write. Texts copying is prohibited.Check

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