Netizens have missed your photos using the algorithm for "drawing" the neural networks from Google

11 january 2017, 00:54

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Google has published in the open access of source code of the algorithm with which she taught the neural network to draw the picture. Users of social networks immediately began to practice using this tool. Google's algorithm is designed to automatically find the photos of the items at a certain setting can give contrary pictures the features of given items. Users of Runet became interested in the reproduction of the eyes to the photo and turned the Taco into a work of art. Yeltsin missed via a neural network deepdream I'm scared. pic.twitter.coms56qT5Grpb I have bad news for you I have got to the neural networks. pic.twitter.comVPLIyCoszF If I were the Sultan, I would have eye much eyes look deep into the eyes grant us GRANT US EYES pic.twitter.comLHbZ68NReK EYES OṊ THE INSIDE pic.twitter.com68AlvNVurp And we have in Ryazan Shawarma with eyes. pic.twitter.com4PwsnKQuhM Or so is also good. pic.twitter.comV8dPWRIhlQ turbojedi Mad Max became even crazier pic.twitter.comkGTY8OQYVu turbojedi pic.twitter.comMmypgNxfy4 Western users started a flash mob and began to publish their works created using code Google with the hashtag deepdream. This creeps me out more than it should mtyka 317070 sedielem deepdream pic.twitter.comCN0H0n0fa5 Yeah well it did get a little weird... but I would totally go back. deepdream pic.twitter.comKAz9goRm0T I like the brush-stroke enhancing deepdream pics pic.twitter.com3REIK8su5A deepdream c gettyimages stockphotography. Generative Copyright Get ready for a interesting debate. pic.twitter.comwLu0P5C37v 'inception4b3x3reduce' I'll stop using this pic of myself lol feel free to send me something to deepdream pic.twitter.comBn4PUldic7 but i think my favorite results are the FBO glitch creatures httpst.coInTnt7B11Q deepdream pic.twitter.comJN7EU0JHoJ Google's deepdream httpt.colPRUkGY4KS pic.twitter.comd3ca6iybhJ Appeared a video showing the operation of the algorithm. Deepdream Creepy animation of my face. httpt.co3jaczSXeTn via imgur A special section is dedicated deepdream launched on Reddit. It has already published dozens of pictures. Since Google has just published the source code of the algorithm unskilled users can't launch their experiments. In the network appeared the first attempts to launch online services based on deepdream however, the sites immediately cease work under the influx of visitors. His finding Google first announced June 17. Employees found that neural networks are complex mathematical models reproducing the nerve cells of a living organism designed to detect certain objects in the pictures can be turned inside out and teach them to make complex abstract paintings by analyzing the noise and finding in it the outlines of various simple objects. Found a mistake Select the slice and send it by pressing Ctrl+Enter. W - Well. now Cripta some In this context, the phrase digital drugs has become more relevant than

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