Neuro-muscular dentistry

11 january 2017, 00:55

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email The reason for going to a neuro muscular dentist Terminaalista dentistry appeared not very long ago but this area of dentistry is developing quite rapidly being innovative in this area. To him attracted the attention of specialists and they felt the need of patients. Specialists working in this field to solve their tasks in an integrated manner provide. They work not only for aesthetic results but also achieve the restoration of the proper relationship between the teeth of the lower and upper jaw harmonizing factors determine a proper bite. So if you are concerned about the fragility of a teeth pain or clicking when opening mouth is to visit a neuromuscular dentist. For some, it may seem surprising but malocclusion can also be a cause of head and neck pain. And as the statistics shows in 65% of cases head pain is due to temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles. Irregularities in the position of the jaws and lead to a curvature of the spine and narrowing of the Airways. As you can see, there are many reasons for treatment to specialists of this profile. What is a neuromuscular dentistry This branch of dentistry is also called functional. Professionals neuromuscular dentistry engaged in identifying and addressing pathologies of the muscles and joints of the masticatory apparatus. Simply put neuromuscular dentists correct the bite. What is malocclusion Often this concept is associated only with the wrong location or the curvature of the teeth. Such amateurish point of view leads to the situation when occlusion is limited by the braces. But such treatment is not complete and can not solve the problem completely. The adjustment of the position can aggravate the muscles and joints of the masticatory apparatus. In fact, teeth are the last link in a chain of bodies suffering from malocclusion. Treatment methods used in neuro-muscular dentistry A great contribution to the development of this field of dentistry has made American scientists who in the middle of last century were able to establish patterns causing pathology of the temporomandibular joints. With the advent of computer technology has made possible the development of accurate diagnostic systems allowing you to accurately determine the correct position of the jaws in each case. Treatments used in neuromuscular dentistry involve the diagnosis of the dentition as a whole. Such diagnostics is carried out with the help of special electronic device called

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