neurologist S. V. Zaitsev Key words: perinatal encephalopathy (PEP) or perinatal pathology of TSE

11 january 2017, 00:53

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neurologist S. V. Zaitsev Key words perinatal encephalopathy AEDs or perinatal lesions of the Central nervous system CNS PP hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome GGS the expansion of the ventricles of the brain interhemispheric fissure and subarachnoid spaces of the pseudocyst into the neurosonography PAG syndrome of a muscular dystonia SMD syndrome of hyperexcitability in perinatal seizures. It turns out... more than 70-80% of children in the first year of life come for a consultation at neurological centers over a non - existent diagnosis of perinatal encephalopathy AEDs Pediatric neurology was born relatively recently, but already going through difficult times. At the moment many doctors are practicing in the field of neurology infants and parents of infants with any changes of the nervous system and mental sphere is caught between two fires. On the one hand the Soviet school child neurology - diagnostics redundant and incorrect assessment of functional and physiological changes in the nervous system of the child first year of life in combination with long-outdated recommendations intensive treatment a variety of medications. On the other hand, often obvious underestimation of available neuropsychiatric symptoms ignorance of General Pediatrics and the basics of medical psychology, therapeutic nihilism and fear of using the potential of modern drug therapy and as a result - lost time and missed opportunities. While unfortunately a certain and sometimes considerable formality and automaticity of modern medical technologies lead at least to the development of psychological problems in the child and members of his family. The concept of the norm in neurology of the late 20th century was sharply narrowed now intensive and not always justified expanding. Probably the truth is somewhere in the middle... According to the perinatal clinic of neurology, medical centre NEVRO-MED and other leading medical centers in Moscow and probably in other places is still more than 80% of children first year of life come in the direction of a pediatrician or a neurologist from the local clinic for a consultation about a non - existent diagnosis of perinatal encephalopathy AEDs The diagnosis of perinatal encephalopathy AEDs in Soviet pediatric neurology very vaguely described almost any violation of the functions and even structure of the brain in the perinatal period of the child's life about the 7th month of intrauterine development of the child and up to 1 month of life after birth, resulting from pathology of cerebral blood flow and oxygen deficiency. The basis of this diagnosis usually located one or more sets of any signs of syndromes of probable violation

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