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For the sum 0 RUB. Directory Certificates We have all the necessary certificates of conformity which guarantee the quality of drugs. You can read them under Warranty. Information Action Gift Why we Privacy Price 2 090 RUB. The cost of 1 caps. 32 RUB. Price 11 990 rubles. The cost of 1 caps. 30 RUB. Read all reviews The relationship between a man and a woman can develop harmoniously only in case if both partners will fully satisfy their sexual life. From a scientific point of view, the sexual act lasts for 35 minutes and its duration depends on the emotional state frequency of sexual intercourse manhood. Everyone knows the fact that women need more time to achieve orgasm so the man has to control the situation. In recent years, doctors diagnose basic disorders of sexual function in men identified at a younger age. The most common disease with which men turn to doctor premature ejaculation. Before yourself make of Neurodes or other drugs you must find out the causes of the deviations. Most often, doctors identify several factors The most effective way to get rid of this disease and start a meaningful relationship without fear and anxiety to lead a healthy lifestyle. As the ambulance doctors recommend taking the drug of the new generation of Neurodes. The neurodes are produced in packs of 60 or 360 capsules. The vitamin B6 contained in the product acts as a catalyst for the conversion of many amino acids in the body. Phenylalanine and L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid involved in metabolic processes. The proteinogenic amino acid tyrosine regulates the production and action of biologically active substances. Magnesium is actively involved in the biosynthesis of proteins in the body. Glutamine has anti-stress effect and improves the mood, improves memory, stimulates mental activity. Once in the body the drug increases the friction period of sexual intercourse corrigiruet ejaculation increases the levels of serotonin and accelerates the activity of all processes in General. Experimental study showed that after the full course of drug treatment of Neurodes in 68 men 100 duration of sexual intercourse increased three times. Others have also noted the positive dynamics. It is recommended that before taking the drug to consult a doctor. If no other dose of the remedy must be taken within one month, 2 times a day during meals 2 capsules. It is not recommended to take Neurodes if you have Allergy or individual intolerance of at least one component

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