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Our partners Release form Soft drug classification formats Means acting on the nervous system General characteristics main physico-chemical properties of hard gelatin capsules with a lid and a housing of white color containing a white powder composition 1 capsule contains 04 grams of piracetam based on 100 % dry matter 0025 g Cinnarizine in terms of 100 % dry matter excipients lactose monohydrate Aerosil magnesium stearate.Form of issue. Capsules.Pharmacotherapeutic group. Psychostimulant and nootropic agents. Piracetam combination. ATC code N06В Х53.The pharmacological properties. Pharmacodynamics. A combination drug that improves cerebral blood flow and metabolism of the nervous tissue. Vasodilating nootropic and antihypoxic effects in the Central nervous system diseases Central nervous system prevents the aggregation of activated platelets decreases the excitability of the vestibular apparatus. Intensifitsiruetsa the biosynthesis of DNA and phospholipids, glycolytic processes and the utilization of glucose increases the concentration of ATP stimulates the integrative activity of the brain contributes to memory consolidation. Facilitates the learning process. Members of the drug components mutually potentiate each other's action without exacerbating toxic effects. In regard to the impact on the Central nervous system prevails sedation Cinnarizine. Therapeutic effect is manifested through 1-6 h Pharmacokinetics. Rapidly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The time to maximum concentration Cinnarizine in plasma is 1-3 hours piracetam - 2-4 h. Both components are rapidly distributed to all vital organs penetrate the blood-brain barrier to the brain tissue. Metabolized in the liver Cinnarizine due to the N-dealkilirovania. The half-life Cinnarizine T12 - 3-6 hours. The half-life of piracetam T12 - 4-6. Piracetam is excreted in the urine unchanged. Cinnarizine - mostly in the form of metabolites 23 the faeces and 13 in urine.Indications. Acute and chronic vascular diseases of the brain ischemic stroke recovery after hemorrhagic stroke encephalopathy with portal hypertension and Subcommittee comatose state after intoxication and brain injury the impact of traumatic brain injury inflammatory and infectious diseases of the Central nervous system dysfunction of the vestibular system vertigo tinnitus nystagmus nausea and vomiting Meniere's syndrome asthenic syndrome of psychogenic origin, anxiety the emotional discomfort irritability emotional

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