Solve the equation sin 30° * cos 30° — tg 60° to decide sin30=1/2 cos30=sqrt3/2 tg60=sqrt3 1/2* sq

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Solve the equation sin 30° cos 30° tg 60° to solve sin30=12 cos30=sqrt32 tg60=sqrt3 12 sqrt32 sqrt3=-3корня 3 sin30=12 cos30=corn h 32 tg60=corn 3 12 corn z 3 2 - z 3 corn = In isosceles trapezoid ABCD, AD II VS A = 30° height VC = 1 cm, VS= 2 cm, Find the area of the triangle KMD if M is the midpoint of the segment ASD - line MT perpendicular to AD. S=KDMT MT - middle line DVK MT=VC =1= CD=CO+OD FROM normal to HELL .AVK=SOD OD=ECAVC =AV-VC=4-1=3. KD=2+3. S=2+3=2+34 The answer is 2+34cm The number of books on the first shelf 20% more than the number on Toranaga shifted from the first 3 books in the second the number was equally how many books x number of books on the second shelf 12x on the first shelf 12x-3=x+3 12x-x=3+3 02х=6 x=602 x=30 books on the second shelf 1x+20%=12x Suppose that x is the number of books on the second shelf then 12x is the number of books on the first shelf according to these data we set up and solve the equation 12x-3=x+3 12x-x=3+3 02х=6 x=602 x=30 K. II was on the shelf. 12x=1230=36 K. I was on the shelf. The answer to the second shelf was originally 30 books. Check 30+20%=36 K. find the sum of an infinite progression 126 b1 = 12 q = 12 S = b11, q= 121-12=1205=24 S=b1-b g=12 g=612= S=121-=12=122=24. Ответ6 24 . 64-168+8= 164-168+8=70 Check 168=2 64-2=62 62+8=70 64-168 2+8=63 Check 8+8=16 1616=1 64-1=63 3 64-168+8=14 Check 64-16=48 488=6 6+8=14 ================================================== ================================================== Find the surface area of a rectangular parallelepipedon which 6смширина2сма height 3 canidite the sum of the lengths of all its Pow=634+322=84 cm^2 The sum of the lengths of all edges = 64+34+24=46+3+2=611=44 cm S=263+262+232=36+24+12=72 cm sq surface area of a rectangular parallelepiped L=46+42+43=24+8+12= 44 cm the sum of the lengths of all its rber prelomi task back proportionalist with almost nine months For the construction of the stadium 5 bulldozers cleared the area for 210 minutes time 7 bulldozers cleared the site The decision 5 cars 210 min. 7 machines min. The relationship between number of machines and the operating time is inversely proportional we make a proportion 7 5 = 210 x x=21057 x=150 minutes, or 25 hours 7 bulldozers clear the site Answer in 25 hours 7 bulldozers clear the site the store brought in 14 tons of cabbage, 30% sold. how much cabbage is left the decision 14T-100% t-70% 1470100=98т The tour went 56 storeclusterskinfile 27 mensagem Torocheshnikova of tracelessness-14 more than parseclassnames How much 56-27=29первоклассников. 29+14=43третьеклассников. Response 43 29 first-graders, a third grader. 2-56 1кл to 27m than 2 3 KL 14 b than 1 C 56-27=29 first graders 29+14= 43 tracelessness The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is equal to 105 MCA lateral side refers to the base 73 by this Way Let one of the accounts x stogda the base is equal to 3 SMA side equal to 7x see Make the equation-3x+7x+7x=10517х=105х=6

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