sometimes adult neuropsychology* studying the brain organization of higher mental processes.

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sometimes adult neuropsychology which studies the brain organization of higher mental processes. To put it simply how our brain takes the solution reads writes solves the problem, and more. Adult neuropsychology exists in the clinic for the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury strokes consequences of operations and laboratories where trying to study the patterns of the healthy and not very much brain. The founder of adult neuropsychology Luria, Alexander Romanovich.Film about Alexander Romanovich Luria And there's a children's neuropsychology. Its founder is also Luria, Alexander Romanovich. His disciple, Cemernica Esther G. had a great research and wrote a book the human Brain and mental processes in ontogenesis in 1985 which is relevant now. Another student Tsvetkova Love S. invented method formative study described in her book Actual problems of neuropsychology childhood. This so-called work top-down when we assume that the child is all right with neurology but for some reason does not formed some function. The neuropsychologist finds the cause and mechanism and forms this same function of cognitive methods.Just specify neuropsychology is not]. Defectology involves working with children who have physical and / or mental deficiency. The work is based on roughly the coaching of the child for a certain amount of knowledge on the social adaptation of the self-help skills that is, we invest in the head end knowledge. Neuropsychology also provides a method to comprehend new knowledge. Later in the 90-ies of the XX century as a result of a fruitful Union Semenovich Anna Vladimirovna Arkhipov B. A. and a number of authors appeared method of replacement of ontogenesis. The latest version of the description of this method known to me in the book Semenovich A. V. Neuropsychological correction in childhood. Method of replacement of ontogenesis. This so-called work from the bottom up on the sensorimotor level, which ensures stable work brain system as a whole and enhancing the development of all higher mental functions speech memory attention thinking perception Semenovich A.V. in particular. Simply put, most of the work of the brain as it goes in the background. We don't think about how we sit where we are at this time hands and feet we do not reduce deliberately eyes to read something we don't pay attention to how we hold a pen or knife. A large part of the daily chores we do on autopilot because it is became an automatism. But if the background process happens we have a lot of energy to spend it on something to keep the right posture and keep properly the handle and the fact that

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