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City hospital №41 Ekaterinburg str. the division commander Vasilieva 25 Tel 343 234-34-89 234-41-64 234-41-74 TESSYS technique uses a special lateral transforaminal endoscopic access for removal of the herniation or sequestration of the intervertebral disc. With the TESSYS technique of the intervertebral hole is expanded by means of a special tubular instrument in which removes the herniated disc. CT-controlled percutaneous cold plasma nucleoplasty of intervertebral discs periradicular epidural blockade vertebroplasty percutaneous puncture of the sacral cysts under CT control therapeutic drug blockade periarticular perineural intramuscularly etc. The center performs all types of open surgery microdiscectomy dynamic stabilization spine implants are the front and rear spondylodesis at the cervical thoracic and lumbar levels using modern implants removal of spinal cord tumors of different localization. The use of quality optics allows you to perform operations on the brain removal of brain tumors of glial meningioma neuroma tumor reconstructive surgery of the skull using different materials ventriculoperitoneal shunt operation lumboperitoneal. Endoscopic transforaminal disc of chirurgerie Tessys technique Performed in our center Read more Neurosurgical care is provided to all patients having pathology of the Central and peripheral nervous system degenerative disorders of the spine intervertebral disc herniation displacement of the vertebrae, etc. spondylopathy the involutive osteoporosis compression fractures of the vertebral bodies. tumors of the brain and spinal cord glioma of meningioma neuroma and other various defects of the skull vault traumatic injury of peripheral nerves, etc. A feature of the infrastructure of the neurosurgical center allows you to implement individual approach to each patient to be hospitalized the day of the consultation period to ensure minimal preoperative period of stay in the hospital to perform a full range of diagnostic studies MRI CT x-ray ultrasound diagnostics as well as performing minimally invasive surgery using neuroimaging. 600 800% of the population at least once in a lifetime experiences pain in the lumbar spine. From 800 to 900% of the patients she regresses within 6 weeks. During 1 month. the majority of patients of working age start to work even if you feel some pain. However, 100 200% patients develop chronic pain and disability. Pain in the cervical and lumbar spine are often

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