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The name Neuro-Neuro norms-norm Pharmacological effect of Neuro-norms combined medicine with a marked nootropic activity. Neuro-norms also contributes to the normalization of microcirculation by improving blood rheology and activateconnection action. Active components of the drug Neuro-norms of Cinnarizine and piracetam complement the action of each other. Piracetam is a cyclic derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid. Piracetam improves memory enhances the ability to concentrate and learning to facilitate intellectual performance. Piracetam regulates the speed of propagation of excitation in the brain stimulates the metabolic processes in nervous tissue contributes to the improvement of the synaptic conductance in neokorticalnah structures and connections between the hemispheres of the brain. Additionally, due to the influence on the rheological properties of blood piracetam improves microcirculation without the expressed vasodilation. Cinnarizine drug improves microcirculation in the vessels of the brain. The mechanism of action Cinnarizine is associated with its ability to block calcium channels and reduce the susceptibility of the vascular wall to the vasoconstrictor agents including norepinephrine and serotonin. Cinnarizine improves but does not cause changes in blood pressure and heart rate. In addition prolonged use of Cinnarizine helps to improve the elasticity of the membranes of erythrocytes and reduced blood viscosity also leads to improved circulation and better brain function. Cinnarizine with long-term treatment improves the condition of brain cells to hypoxia and reduces the stimulation of the vestibular system. In applying the drug in patients with disorders of the brain showing improved concentration and cognitive functions. Neuro-norms effectively eliminates dizziness caused by excessive excitation of the vestibular system and hypoxia. After oral administration maximum plasma concentrations Cinnarizine and piracetam are achieved within 1-4 hours. Pronounced therapeutic effect of the drug Neuro-norms develops within 1-6 hours. Active components of the drug penetrate the blood brain barrier. Cinnarizine is almost completely metabolized in the body piracetam is excreted unchanged. The half-life of 3-6 hours reaches cinarizina piracetam 4-6 hours. Piracetam is excreted mainly intestine Cinnarizine and about 30% of piracetam are excreted by the kidneys. Indications Neuro-norms intended for the treatment of patients suffering from acute and chronic

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